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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 5, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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constructive for. developing the times of interest structures social environmental structure physical structure that we need the kind of goods that we need to live a decent life and that's the other half of the grid new deal it is essential for not only for survival but for health issues you mention corona virus how does coronavirus alter your analysis given that corona virus threatens corporate profits interstate lee it does not yet. sure retton most corporate profits many corporations are making money hand over 'd fist of that high tech for example whether it was one day in which jiffies us. $13000000000.00 or they're going to hedge funds private equity funds
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old doing because the treasurer is poor and money into the economy in a way which largely benefits them if you take a look at the economy take the united states but it's world will the stock market is breaking records poverty is riffing records they're totally dissociated and that's. a sign of the eat disease of the economy which then only be overcome by the development of the policies. outlined in the details of the green new deal proposals what do you make of the continuing corporate reframing of the climate crisis it's up to ordinary people to recycle to buy organic food it's up to them rather than the need for systemic change naturally those who benefit from existing institutions do duck under
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see them changed not which is a fairly good to tell it area dictatorship and there are problems the dictator isn't going to say overthrow me well that's analogous to what you're describing the core of the problem is the. massive. production for private profit not for need and the you should the fossil fuels will may have to be phasing the mel and moving towards total sustainable energy no new emissions within a few decades we've talked to scientists about how deforestation that to coronavirus tell me about how in the book you talk about even strategies like red it's called ari d d it's funded by corporations to stop deforestation but in your book you say that
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it actually facilitates deforestation encourages it. helps corporate farmers at the expense of others why is it time and time again these strategies sponsored by governments and the world bank in that case seem to achieve the opposite effect i mean they may in the back of their minds decent intentions but there were constrained by the nature of institutional or to develop programs which will not arm the our full institution that's. what's at the core. what will further ensure to their needs the result is whole cities which whatever their intentions are often negative in there we have to address the problems the rich without the. giving priority to the needs of the destructive institutions there's no time to overcome ready
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a limited we have to accommodate to their existence the timescale of institutional change is out of the range of time skill for dealing with the environment forests so we have to work within the basic institutional structure that exists within it we can find very clear definite boluses there outline the my colleague poems your visions in the book and so on the till which with a small percentage of the economy suffice to will suffice to deal with these twin programmes has helped book actually go further than the road to hell being paved by good intentions because who want to shock people as you call it deliberately malicious
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a steak was just happening right in front of her eyes so the last 2 days that was strong core back in the truck with ministration has been eliminating. rigol ations which protect the population and the environment from release of methane and or snakes other toxic wastes to the benefit of the corporate system not only the fossil fuel companies it banks finance them benefits them. severely harms the environment and harms the american people then clear now if that's not malice what is out there maybe somebody in the border who says it would be nice to deal with the environment and it would be nice to bill but when it comes to making specific decisions to
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maximize profit while market share all those good intentions faded to black and the book the deal is clear that full employment is he bob calling quote col mocks saying capitalism require as an employment to diminish the boggling power of what because where is this green deal seems to provide for full employment. remember that we do not live in a capitalist society of the kind that marx was discussing marx was discussing rock really an abstract form of capitalism which brings out its essential nature so every existence is watermill a form of state capitalism where state action has been undertaken
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under popular pressure to mitigate the destructive forces of pure capitalism so yes sure capitalism would require as mark says the reserve army leave the state capitalism and overcome the floor and move to guarantee employment an incentive decent employment there for one doesn't do with the problems of capitalism in fact we were moving pretty close to formal full employment. under obama's so the tepid response to those financial questions continue. it was not the kind of full employment that any decent human being would want the jury a large part of that was highly care his job but very look i've got to ask you does it surprise even you how capitalism has reinforced systems of power among
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elites even though it may endanger their own children suppose you're the c.e.o. of. 'd j.p. morgan chase if it were exxon mobil you basically have 2 choices one choice is to meet the requirements of the institutional structures that exist and work to maximize profits. no matter what the human consequences that's one choice the other choice is to put those aside and work to create a decent world suppose you make such a choice in your be at least thrown out by the board of directors and somebody else's good in who makes the 1st choice these are institutional it's not individual no that's not to say that it be changed within existing institutions
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it can so take j.p. morgan chase again biggest bank you know recently internal memo of the bank was leaked and made public it's very interesting it were in the directors of the bank that this in their words the survival of humanity is at stake if we continue on our present course of funding fossil fuels and it added that the bank is facing reputational risks meaning the public is getting and rage and will take its revenge on you and harm you the leaders of the bank unless you make moves towards. working to save humanity from destruction otherwise the banks will be taken over the public and
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national acts which can be done or replaced by public things that's all within reach and the leaders of the economy know that their old is quite fragile while everything seems nationalized here in britain more so than after the 2008 crash because of a pandemic and hundreds of people are being arrested on the streets of london as part of the extinction rebellion protest that j.p. morgan claims in public. rather than any fossil fuel loads for the arctic drilling have stopped their phasing out known for coal mining and they're planning a $200000000000.00 empowerment something called the empowerment economic development deal on pa with goldman sachs you mention exxon mobil well the bottom shelf says yes climate change is real yes renewables are an indispensable part of the future energy mix but no provoking provoking
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a sudden death of fossil fuel is not a plausible plan and then what you do is explain to the general public that this holds that they're serving their own interests and you must hold their feet to the fire to dry up those pretenses and to do it they know is in fact feasible and correct to move away from certainly from coal and from all 'd 'd fossil fuels as rapidly as we are involved in a class war and one of the ruling class doesn't say i'm just going to do it i want i don't care about you it can't they don't have that power the rule is fragile they know it therefore they must accommodate to it enter judged active engaged of your relation exactly as is often done in the us the green
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new deal uses the phrase new deal because the new deal in the 1930 s. did something very similar. not on a sufficient scale but same kind of seen a government action to overcome a crisis deep crisis coal cause the fundamental flaws of will a society and then came the war wish that slid more expense way beyond anything required. ended the depression created. a finished. background of consumer demand which led to several decades of fairly rapid surely go there it grew and now i'm trying to scale stopping that more from one of the well the greatest public intellectuals after this break.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. there's a war of the 1st new of the whole new movie. sure they're. going to put it down as the guy. was only as a name for their list and that those must come closer and. closer to the real story is so current she wrote both of you so.
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the point was to be used to move the book with those girls discovering that those with use of these is a 1000000000 users by the other media of course free. trade and investment to become magic spells to come get you cannot make development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investment chapter of a trade agreement is about something very different but when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites all ruins the environment. that means if local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can discern. the nationals of taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to
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stop oracle by implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued in. egypt because egypt minimum wage democratic choice the trump corporate lawn joining us as we try to find. welcome back i'm still here with american does it into an author of the seminal manufacturing consent no i'm jones k. imagine the new deal clearly your primary process for the democrats did not elect bernie sanders who favored the new deal style politics here in britain of course jeremy corbyn lost the election what do you make of november you say in the book
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the democrats are in the pockets of wall street lobbyists the republicans you compared to right wing fringe parties of europe. we know that you know the republicans are what would. you. they are in international comparisons they are compared with 3 parties in europe with neo fascist backgrounds and on issues like the climate the worst in the world they want to trumpet ministration wants to race towards maximizing the use of fossil fuels eliminating the regulatory system which reduces somewhat their destructive effect on the climate on the elation perfectly open about this not pretending anything who was to look at the republican convention not
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a word about it just trying to rouse people's emotions fears a fear that wakes primacy. of. taking away their guns and any emotional feel you can imagine told very familiar from a lot of credit regimes with a new fresh. in the inside the democratic party there's a conflict striving and you can see it if you look closely at what's happened to climate you know back about 2 weeks take a look at the internet 2 weeks ago look for democratic party climate programs they're pretty progressive program was biden's program forced on biden he didn't choose it forced on biden by the progress or praise ringback. program better than any that it yet exist tailored at the same internet now to fillin
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right trey and clipped democratic climate programs what you find is nothing. they removed the d n the democratic national committee the d.n.c. basically clintonite donor oriented democrats managed in a big hour play to remove biden's progressive climate program that's a battle inside the democratic party is very rather similar to what we just saw and britain where the blair right right wing labor party or the manager labor party managed undermine the korban campaign in a really vicious matter there were very powerful 800 page
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deterrent study of how they did it which is being most recent pressed in the british press for him or which showed to means that they went to to try to undermine corbin's effort to develop a labor already that would be responsive to the needs of its constituents before this story labor party with policies that actually had very high approval among the government the right way for the labor party for the mentor they were 40 couldn't stand that they'd rather lose the election than lose control of the party 'd we're seeing something similar to that in the conflict within the democratic party today and what it means is that the progressive popular base were harder more energetically more commitment. trace biden wins the election to ensure that they go back to the press if programs that they had announced and not be
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forced to abandon them by the donor oriented clintonite conservative elements of the party and basically what used to be called moderate republicans are all of that has fastly overshadowed by the desperate need to get rid of the malignancy in the white house which whatever criticism you make of the democratic party the white house will need nancy is incompetent playing worse and will if that free. they say it's true yes. well we invite suggest aamer on to refute what you said about labor however he's seeking an investigation into our right to broadcast at all that's for joe biden apparently the policy hasn't changed 2 trillion dollars to boost clean energy and upgrade to $4000000.00 buildings a seeking of
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a shift towards public transportation but of course as you know in the most recent speech joe biden said no ban on fracking there are so many different aspects obviously to the green new deal but given that we've had the deaths of refugees being reported here in the english channel and in this book you say rich countries are in turmoil because a small fraction of refugees might defile their precious ethnic purity and you also quote the u.n. figure of 65000000 refugees fleeing violence particular genre and global warming why do you think they are presented in our media as a migrant and that the real enemy here is human trafficking not foreign policy. for the reasons that you just quoted. but you are. well. it sure will racial purity we've seen though it sure new mystery is
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disgraceful it's shocking to be over. your reaction so they were if it's gross is this. where europe is moving the setting up senators or structures in africa like you sure to try to beat her. lead from the wreckage those european imperialism and make sure that they don't get to europe sure robi keep them away from us. no the there's a reason why people are fleeing not because they love europe it's because of intolerable 'd conditions largely created by a european tour or violence over centuries and now it's europe's responsibility to behave humanely towards. and not to resort to
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their racist pretenses in order to unhitch them for all for europe's crimes same is true here when president troll. compels mexico to keep central american refugees from reaching the territory of the united states to pull for asylum which they certainly deserve why are they fleeing central america not because they don't like their own weaker us terrorist while it's destroyed their country there quite a few books people can read of us about that and that's terrible and violent i just . know that you would agree presumably with donald trump however that our greatest immediate threat was a nuclear holocaust caused by nuclear weapons agree with trump is
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racing towards maximize exist threat of nuclear weapons. that's why the the clock has been moved of the famous doomsday clock has been moved the minute hand has been moved closer to midnight every year the trump is been in office this last january they have ended minutes moved to seconds 100 seconds to midnight since january trapes continued as an act on the arms control regime which is has been the rule somewhat limited the enormous threat of nuclear destruction it already eliminated the i.n.f. treaty one couple months ago manci eliminated the open skies treaty which traces back to eisenhower he is now he laid on true phyllis chromes
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is laid to implement the renewal of the new start treaty. well now it may be too late to renew it and it's the last of the major treaties izumi war and beyond that were threatening to store nuclear testing as have been learned for 28 years all of this is on top of that moving towards creating. new weapon new and or more threatening weapons of destruction against which there is no possible. democrats don't have a pretty record on this issue but nothing wrong well we invite we invite the u.s. ambassador on trump says actually he's all for peace obviously i'm finally i've got to ask you about julian a songe of wiki leaks he begins the trial of his life in 48 hours time in
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a london court the u.n. ruppert's has been on this show says he's been effectively tortured by british authorities what do you think it all mean if the wiki leaks founder is extradited to the united states on espionage charges it would be a criminal on the part of the british government to exceed 'd to the u.s. so then rich tradition. would be if they've already committed many crimes. are surges of sense is not pain bill. now if he had good reasons not to as he would have been extradited if. not paying bill requires on the wrist not torture in a high security prison. up to the point reason that even a leader is allowed to receive books i'm in mass murderers or being treated like in
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a way beyond the worst vicious criminal ok and if he's extradited it comes up for trial on the us as spinoza's laws which even carry a digital death. it's trial is being droid committed the crime of letting the general population know things that they have a right to know and that powerful states don't want of the know that's the crime. and the way the british government is acting is deplorable. it or pressure again must be developed to ensure that each other be released quickly from these charges and. be absolved of all these threats while u.k. prime minister mark johnson says it's only right that joining us on finding faces just as the government says it supports the important work of the un special
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rapporteur on torture but disagrees with a number of his observations as for the us sector say pompei or he says we can expect is a hostile intelligence agency on john's case thank you and that's it for the season premier will be back on monday with one of the world's greatest chronicler of los angeles pandemics mike davis until then join the underground by subscribing to our huge your channel on following us on twitter facebook instagram is about. during the vietnam war u.s. forces are also bombed to neighboring laos. it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. until our so much that is officially the most heavily bombed country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber. even today kids in laos full
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victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for their tragedy and what help to the people needed in that little land of mines. that's geysers financial survival. this is essential packs for dying a problem is called a problem right now so stop the. insulin resistance is affecting people all over the world it's a condition that wreaks havoc on the body's metabolic and immune systems and result in poor quality of life for many. people to realize that this week's trees can be the worst poison.
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that. russia prepares for the next phase of testing is coded 19 vaccine by western media skepticism a breath of take right now the british medical journal say the developments from the fake also ahead. as a not for international probing functions over the alleged poisoning of alexina valve the russian doctors offer to set up a joint commission with the germ. one counterparty. if it turns out he was poisoned spain will initiate a criminal case today russia does not have such evidence. and the math immigration protesters clashed with late in the u.k. court at dover after a spike in illegal crossings over the.


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